Secretary’s Message


Education is greatly influenced by the tools of modern era. With the advancement of the latest technologies a drastic change has been noticed in the behaviour of the children. At this crucial juncture they need a right direction and right inspiration so that the youth power is properly channelized into innovative and constructive work.

The school is in a sincerely busy race to translate the dream of our founder Late Pt. Madan Lal Sharma of giving shape to an institution which in course of time would become a dynamic centre in field of education providing an environment conducive not only the intellectual growth but also to the physical, mental and spiritual development of children.

At this juncture, I take a deep sigh of relief with the hindsight of our journey to this stage which has been archetypal execution since its infancy. With an intact vision of development of individual’s personality and providing quality education, YMS has been stimulating its students to enter their individual virtues and promote a sense of self respect, humanity, tolerance, adaptability, sensitivity and service to the community and the country.

YMS believes that Education brings out the best in everyone. For this we create and maintain high quality school eminence conducive to learning and developing talent. Our curriculum has been harnessing student’s talent with all experiments through modern technological inceptions yet keeping them glued to moral and traditional values.

The school has achieved a great success in all the fronts. Its pragmatic and dynamic approach has placed it to a new height in a very short span of time. For all this I would like to thanks our parent community for their support and suggestions and last but not the least to a highly committed team of staff and administration personnel of the school.